How Do You Change the World?
One city block at a time

Wi-Fi is ubiquitous and 5G is on the verge of changing every aspect of the ways we interact with each other and with
our communities. Forsythe Landing is a microcosm of a global opportunity for developers and programmers with ideas
of how to both take advantage of these advanced technologies in the service of solving big problems for communities of every
size. We’ll give you all the data you’ll need to develop a problem-solving perspective and you’ll give us app ideas whose primary
focus is increasing the quality of life for the community of Forsyth Landing.

If you win, you’ll get up to $50,000 in prize money, but – more importantly – you’ll get a “first look” partnership
opportunity with the Georgia DoT to scale your solution to the entire state. And if the state is successful, there’s no reason
to think it couldn’t go national, or even international.

More details to come, but we wanted to get the app developer community excited about the opportunity that’s about to
drop. It will be life changing for both the winning developer and for the communities they serve.